About Us

About Close the Gap

Our goal is to help you get access to the quality healthcare that you need, but aren’t getting today.

What are Health Inequities?

Everyone deserves quality healthcare – regardless of who you are, what you look like or where you live. But you may not have equal access to treatment because of factors beyond your control, like your race, your sexual identity and age. This disparity is what we call “the gap” and it’s what we’re trying to eliminate.


For example, Blacks in the U.S. are 30%1 more likely to die from heart disease than Caucasians. We’re committed to making sure that you and your family don’t experience gaps like these.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision: To have a world where all patients - regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and sexual orientation - understand their medical conditions and have access to therapies to help them live better lives.

Our mission: To close the health inequity gap through provider education and collaboration, advocacy and society partnerships, and patient disease state awareness.

Areas of Focus

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We bring awareness to the treatment gap through partnerships with national patient advocacy organizations and minority associations. Together, we expand our reach and provide their physicians and patients with educational materials to help close the healthcare gap. 

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To help you prevent heart disease, and what to do if you have symptoms of heart disease or need treatment, Boston Scientific offers tools, such as a self-reported symptoms checker and a physician finder, so you can take charge of your health.  

Resources & Research

Access Health Information & Healthcare

Boston Scientific talked to patients around the country to find out what resources would be most helpful and designed this resource page with your needs in mind.

  • Learn about health conditions and treatments
  • Find out why diversity in clinical trials matters
  • Find a doctor near you
  • Review questions to ask your doctor
  • Get reliable rides to your appointment
  • Understand common medical terms
Learn About Diversity in Clinical Trials

Women and minority clinical trial volunteers are needed in order to create meaningful medical research that applies to people of all backgrounds.

  • Find out who’s under-represented in clinical trials
  • Find out about the benefits for your family and community
  • Learn the basics about participating in clinical research
  • Take steps to improve diversity in clinical trials

Our Commitment to You

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