Mother and daughter learn about health disparities

Confront Diverse Patients' Health Disparities

Meeting the needs of diverse patients starts with bridging the knowledge gap about the many factors that can lead to health disparities.

A Closer Look at Your Patients with Key Health Conditions

Only 20% of factors influencing a patient’s health are related to “clinical factors,” like access to and quality of healthcare. Social determinants of health, including socio-economic status, demographic and behavioral attitudes make up the other 80%.1

To support your efforts to improve health equity in your community, we offer insight into risk factors and barriers to care, along with underserved patients’ own perceptions of their care based on a national market research study on underserved populations. Boston Scientific commissioned this study with a focus on five top heart conditions, and we are working to expand upon this offering. Find disease-specific, first-hand insights below from people who share what it means to have satisfactory and unsatisfactory care.

“I want to understand exactly what is going on in my heart, understanding how recommended lifestyle changes affect my heart, getting detailed information on my improvement/decline and knowing what test results mean.”— Tamika, 54

”I want less pain, fewer symptoms, low cost medications, quick refills and easy access to doctors and appointments.”— Steve, 70

“No doctor should ever tell you it’s not a big deal. That was what they told me: Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal. That bothered me. Also not understanding the risks of it. Nobody said, ‘You could have a stroke.’”
 — Caleb, 37

“I don’t even know how to go through my insurance to get rides. When I call, they send me from number to number, and then it's hard for me. I don't know who to get my transportation from. They make it complicated.”  — Paul, 76

“I would like info on an exercise program and diet to help slow progression. I’m terrified of graft failure and blockages in both legs.”— Anna, 68  

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Find fast facts about the barriers that women and minorities say prevent them from following the path to treatment, and ready-made tools you can use for outreach.

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